How To Choose a Good Air Bed

Two very prominent things come to the mind when we decide to buy an air bed. Firstly, we wonder whether to buy a low profile or a raised air bed and secondly; out of these two which will be close to meeting our choices and preferences.

Low Profile Air Beds
Some features of low profile air beds are…
• They are quite economical, suiting one’s budget.
• Can be bought for homes with children. Being close to the ground, the low airbeds help to avoid accidents caused due to kids rolling over the bed in sleep.
• These are quite convenient for road trips. This type of beds can easily be squeezed, folded, packed and carried.

Raised airbeds
The noticeable characteristics of raised air beds are…
• Priced more than a low profile airbed, a raised airbed gives you the feeling and comfort of a real bed.
• Perfect for those who need a firm support to sleep comfortably and will use the bed regularly.
• Many models of this type are available in the market to choose from, providing a height of 15” to 24”.

The above salient features of the both low profile and raised air beds will definitely help you set your preferences and make a purchase accordingly, and have a comfortable and sound sleep with air beds.

For more information; here’s how to decide on a perfect air bed.